How Child Support is Calculated in Florida

The Florida child support guidelines are just a start in your Miami child support case.  There are many other factors to consider in determining how much money should be allocated for your children each month. Some things to consider in calculating child support include: 

  • How much is spent on daycare and who pays for it
  • How much is spent on medical and dental insurance and who pays for it
  • The cost of extracurricular activities and private school costs
  • Deductions available to each parent for purposes of determining net income
  • A parent's high debt or other special considerations which may warrant deviation from the child support guidelines.

The timesharing schedule of the parents is also an important consideration where child support may be reduced for the paying parent who spends at least 20% overnights per year with a child.  Knowing what statutory factors are in your favor and how to use them is the key to achieving a fair amount. 

Miami Child Support Attorney
The Miami child support lawyer at Streets Law has knowledge about more than just the support basics - the firm takes time to understand all factors in your case so that you can maximize the concessions available to you under the law. Most importantly, the firm takes great pride in advancing the best interest of your children.  Contact Streets Law today to learn about your options in your Miami child support matter.