Miami Name Change Attorney

Changing your name in Miami can be a quick process that changes your life significantly.  Having a name that makes you comfortable is one of the first steps in making your impression on the world. A name can be a source of pride and emotional significance for many as well as a fresh start, so it is no wonder why legally changing a name is something many people consider. 

To change your name in Miami, you can help yourself by gathering the following information before starting the process: 

  • A list of your residential addresses since birth, including the dates you resided at each address
  • Your employment history for the past five years
  • Information about your bankruptcy filings, criminal records and creditor judgments, if any

Children's Name Change in Miami

Parents seek to change their child's name for a variety of reasons. If you want to process a child's name change in Miami you may be able to do so in combination with another Miami family law case (i.e. paternity, adoption, etc) or independently.  Streets Law is here to help you save money and time and will assess the best way to help you do that. Contact the firm today to set a consultation and learn how your case can be handled efficiently and cost-effectively.