Florida LGBT Family Law

The United States Supreme Court cleared the way for same-sex couples to marry in states across the nation, and with that declaration opened up a variety of ways for the LGBT community to exercise their family law rights in Florida. Some of those rights include divorce and parental rights. 

While the law is changing, some of the issues faced by parents involved in same-sex relationships include the following:

  • Unclear parental rights: While the law generally is that a child born within wedlock is considered the child of the spouses, Florida law is still catching up in that the statutory language does not clearly include same-sex couples as spouses. Therefore, a parent of a child born within same-sex wedlock who is not biologically related to that child may face some challenges in being recognized as the child's parent. The challenges become more burdensome if the parents are not married, and for that reason it is important that an attorney is retained who knows how to apply the law in this regard.
  • Birth certificate issues: LGBT parents may face issues on even the most basic level of being named as a parent on a birth certificate. Having an attorney who has experience in ways to address this is essential to make the process as smooth as possible.  

Miami Same-Sex Family Lawyer

There is no doubt that same-sex couples in Miami still face many legal hurdles when it comes to recognizing their relationship and parental status. While Florida law continues to evolve in this regard, having an attorney that stays on top of developments in the law and understands how to navigate current laws is essential. From adoptions to child custody to divorce, the Miami LGBT family law attorney at Streets Law will aggressively defend your rights and challenge the status quo. The best way to learn your rights and how Streets Law can help you exercise them is to call and set a consultation.