Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Divorce

When filing your Miami divorce, an important question to ask yourself is “How long do I need to live in Florida to get a divorce?” Without you meeting the minimum residency requirement, a Miami divorce court does not have jurisdiction to sign your final judgment of divorce.

To avoid wasting time and money through an entire case remember that you must prove you have been a Florida resident for at least six months prior to the date you filed for divorce. How do you prove this? The easiest way is via a non-expired Florida identification card, a voter’s registration card  or driver’s license that shows an “issued on” date that meets this requirement.

What if you do not have a Florida ID, voter’s registration card or driver’s license that meets this criteria? Yet another way to prove residency is to have someone who has lived in Florida for the required six months complete what is called a residency affidavit, swearing under oath that you have been a Florida resident for the required period of time. You may also bring this residency witness to your final hearing to have him/her testify that you meet the residency requirement. Just remember to have that witness bring his/her own valid Florida driver’s license or ID that proves he/she has been a resident for the requisite time period.

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