Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Florida Paternity

The father of a child born outside of wedlock in Florida should take important steps to ensure that he has parental rights. Being named on a birth certificate does not automatically grant parental rights such as visitation and decision-making authority.  

One step a man who wants to protect his parental rights can do is file a claim of paternity with the Florida putative father registry. This will evidence a man’s intent to be in his child’s life and will protect his right to notice if the child is placed for adoption.  

Besides making attempts to see and spend significant time with the child, a male who wants to protect his parental rights should voluntarily contribute to the financial support of the child. This includes financially contributing to any birthing expenses. 

Ultimately these are some steps that will support a petition for paternity and give a father a good start in asserting his parental rights. Through a paternity action, a visitation order can be established along with an order giving the father decision-making authority over his child.  

If you need to establish your paternity in Florida, contact a Florida child custody lawyer. During a consultation, you can learn about your rights and best options.