Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Florida Child Custody

With the holiday season in full swing, child custody cases in Florida may become more active. This is because custody issues seem to spike during holidays. To avoid these issues, here are some tips on successful holiday co-parenting.

  • Read your parenting plan: Make sure you know what your rights and responsibilities are under the parenting plan in place. This helps to avoid unnecessary disputes. If you need help interpreting your plan, consult with a Florida family law attorney.  

  • Discuss: Do you need to alter plans a bit for holiday travel? Asking the other parent as soon as possible is best since if there is no agreement, you may be able to file a motion with the court to make your request. But since it takes time to get a hearing date, filing sooner than later is important so that the hearing can happen in time for your holiday plans.

  • Seek help: Have you tried to co-parent but every year still have disputes regarding holiday timesharing exchanges? You and the other parent may benefit from a parenting coordinator. This is someone trained to assist in minimizing conflict between parents and who helps the parties to cooperatively implement their parenting plan. 

It is in the best interest of the children for their parents to work together to give the children the best holiday memories possible. If you need help enforcing your parenting plan, set up a consultation with a Miami child custody lawyer. Together, you can form a plan and strategy that serves the best interest of your family.