Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Love and Marriage

According to an article in Time Magazine authored by Kate Rockwood, there are 9 signs your marriage will last. With the common belief that the divorce rate continues to rise, reviewing these signs may be a good way to check the health of your relationship. 

The nine signs are as follows:  

1. You dated for a while (but had your own place) .

2. You engage in a real connection and conversation with your partner rather than answering “mmm-hmmm”  to your partner’s remarks. 

3. You respond to your spouse’s good news in an enthusiastic way instead of just saying something like “Oh, that’s nice.” 

4. You have real talks with each other, meaning not just about tasks around the house but about engaging topics like your interests and aspirations.

5. You had “warm feet” on your wedding date, meaning you were pretty sure you wanted to get married to your spouse.  

6. Your disagreements are marked by joint problem solving rather than attacking each other.  

7. You have a college education (according to data).  

8. You and your spouse maintain your separate interests instead of doing everything together. 

9. There is mutual appreciation in your relationship, meaning you each thank the other for even the smallest things like taking out the trash.  

Being conscious of these signs may help improve the health of your relationship. Implementing small changes until they become positive habits in your relationship is a manageable way to contribute to its longevity.