Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Adoption 

Adoption is a great way to expand your family and to give the adoptee a loving family. If you’re thinking of going forward with a Florida adoption, consider this checklist in gathering documents and information you need to get started.  

Once you’re ready to file your Florida adoption case, you’ll need the following:

1. The birth certificate of the adoptee; 

2. The dates of any marriages and divorces (if applicable)  of the parent(s) seeking to adopt; 

3. The death certificate of either biological parent of the adoptee, if applicable; 

4. The addresses of any parties entitled to custody of the adoptee;  

5. Scheduled home studies to get ahead of this requirement in the case of non-relative adoptions; and

6. A list of any assets owned by the adoptee.  

Having this information ready for your Florida adoption lawyer can help the process go smoothly and prevent delays. For more specific information about how to prepare for your own adoption case, consult with a Miami adoption lawyer.