Posted by Nydia Streets of Streets Law in Florida Divorce

Divorce can be a very costly process if both parties are not in agreement with how to resolve their differences. In some cases it is more costly because experts such as real estate appraisers, guardian ad litems, and vocational evaluators are needed to make assessments in a case. Forensic accountants may also add to the bill. How do you know if you need one? 

A forensic accountant is an expert who can be used to determine need and ability to pay in alimony cases, can trace income or assets, can determine business valuation and for more. Each side can hire its own accountant or the parties can agree to use a neutral if they wish to save funds. They can be used in cases involving child support, which means they are not limited to divorce cases. 

Determining if you need a forensic accountant in your Florida divorce starts with assessing your goals. Does your case involve substantial assets or income? Do you believe your self-employed spouse is hiding assets or income? Are you being accused of hiding money in your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from hiring an accountant in your case who will work as a team with your Florida divorce lawyer to defend you.  

Start with a consultation with a Miami divorce lawyer. This will be a starting point in forming the best plan for success in your Florida divorce and helping you to understand all experts that may benefit your case.