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How has your first week of 2019 been? We hope you’ve been able to start tackling your new year goals to your satisfaction while balancing self-care and relaxation 😎 Now without further ado, we bring you our first weekend family fun guide of 2019!

  • Friday, January 4, 2019

Sumi-e Ink Painting:Sumi-e is a form of Japanese ink painting brought from China in the 12th century. Primarily done in black ink, the name literally means "charcoal drawing" in Japanese. Students grind their own ink using an ink stick and a grinding stone and learn to hold and utilize brushes to create the primary sumi-e brushstrokes. Floral and landscape classes will start with a review of the basic techniques before moving on to the main subject.” For more information, click here.

Campfire and Owl Walk at Bill Sadowski Park: “Enjoy an evening of discovery in the world of owls. Learn about these nocturnal bird and then search for them with a guide. Meet at EcoCenter, wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes, insect repellant and a flashlight.” For more information, click here.

  • Saturday, January 5, 2019

Lightscapes Exhibit at Young at Art Museum: Young At Art Museum is pleased to announce the opening ofLightScapes, the first solo museum exhibition by Haiiileen, one of Miami’s most dynamic, emerging, interdisciplinary artists, presented by FPL SolarNow. Explore an illuminated world where colors and sounds are synchronized to give the viewer a multisensory, otherworldly experience. This immersive exhibition will serve as the debut of three new and recontextualized light sculptures and a hands-on fabrication lab, designed to transform spectators into participants by handing them the controls to manipulate light and alter its interaction with materials throughout the space. With a strong emphasis on concepts such as color theory, refraction, reflection and the optical illusions light can create against various materials, this innovative exhibition will provide a STEAM learning approach as visitors interact with each sculpture and the surrounding environment.” For more information, click here.

Kids’ Coloring Corner: “For kids in grades K-5. Stop by our coloring corner filled with crayons and fun design pagers to color and create your own work of art during this self-led program. All supplies included. For more information, visit or call 561-868-7703.”

  • Sunday, January 6, 2019

31st Annual Las Olas Art Fair: “This season, the iconic artistic event known as the Las Olas Art Fair Part I returns with more than 300 national and international artists in a stunning showcase of art across all mediums. The free, outdoor pet-friendly event features a fully vetted, juried selection of fine art. Considered an annual tradition in South Florida, the Las Olas Art Fair also offers the opportunity to meet with the artists, ask about techniques, commission a specific piece and discover the inspiration behind each magnificent creation. Presented by Howard Alan Events, producer of the nation's top outdoor art festivals, over 300 artists representing 30 different states and dozens of diverse mediums will line the center of Las Olas Boulevard. Sculpture, jewelry, woodwork, paintings, wearable art and more are displayed, gallery-style, for the enjoyment of art appreciators, collectors, shoppers and pedestrians alike. Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Boulevard is known as the jewel of the city. Las Olas” For more information, click here.

Fern Forest Hike: “This will be a moderately paced and narrated 4 mile walk/hike. We'll cover as many trails as possible, some rustic and some with crushed shells, including a boardwalk. Fern Forest is located in the heart of Broward County and is filled with natural beauty and wonders. We'll begin promptly at 9:30 a.m., finished in 2 hours.” For more information, click here.

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