Knowing what to expect in a Miami divorce may help you get through one more smoothly.  There are several aspects to consider depending on the length of the marriage; whether or not children are involved; how much property/debt has been accumulated; etc.  Organizing and discussing how you plan to tackle these issues with your soon-to-be-ex, if possible, is important to do even before you see a Miami divorce lawyer.

Divorcing in Florida usually involves three main issues: (1) equitable division (or property division); (2) child custody (now referred to as timesharing in Florida); and (3) financial support. Your case may involve none or all of these issues depending on your circumstances. If your case does not concern any of these issues (or you and your spouse have already reached a written agreement on them), your case is likely uncontested, which means you can skip the formalities and apply for a fast-tracked divorce. A Miami uncontested divorce will very likely help you save time, money and stress.

If a Florida uncontested divorce is not yet a possibility for you or you want to take the first steps toward one, here are three steps you should take even before you see an attorney:

1.      Gather your information: Whether you are going to try to make this divorce amicable or you want to litigate right away, you need to have the information handy that will help you and/or your lawyer formulate a plan for success. You will want to gather recent tax returns, at least the last three months of statements for all financial accounts, paystubs, and debt statements.  You will also want to create a listing of your income, expenses and budget, with consideration given to the changes to your budget that might occur once you are separated/divorced.  

2.      Map your personal goals: Once you gather your information, you have to think about your goals. Now that you know what assets and debts need to be divided, what outcome do you expect on that front and what are you willing to compromise on in that area? If you are the lower-earning spouse, now that you know your monthly budget, how much spousal support will you need after separation and for how long? Knowing what you need from the start is a key to obtaining an outcome from the divorce that works for you.

3.      Discuss with your spouse: Now that you have done your homework and thought about your goals for life after divorce, it’s time to discuss with your spouse. Of course, this is not always possible depending on how estranged a couple has become. However, when it is possible take advantage of this time to generally discuss with your spouse what you expect from the divorce. If the two of you can reach an agreement on some or all of the issues, you are already on the way to a divorce that should not cost you as much time, money or stress as a case in which no one can agree on anything.

As part of your plan for success in a Florida divorce, you should schedule a consultation with a qualified Miami divorce attorney.  Streets Law offers multiple consultation options to suit your needs and convenience.  Contact a Miami separation attorney at our firm today to get started.     

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